Three Juxtaposed Dalarna Landscapes

If you’ve followed posts in this blog or in my social media you’ll know that I have a long standing fascination with mirroring and overlaying landscapes and nature. These three pictures are the latest incarnation. We were in Dalarna, Sweden, for the autumn of 2022 and here I’ve tried to capture – through overlays – something of the mood and atmosphere of time spent in the forests and besides the lakes of that wonderful place.

Autumn Leaves on the Forest Floor

I’ve overlaid the same image – of leaves on the forest floor – on top of three different lake-scapes near Falun: at Korsgården, Svärdsjön and Stångtjärn. The forest floor is pictured with a very shallow depth of field so when overlain above and below the horizon line it draws you into the reflected tree-scape.

The effect of the mirroring in the Korsgården juxtapose reminds me of butterfly wings. The Svärdsjön and Stångtjärn juxtaposes are much darker – heralding the fading light of the oncoming winter season. Full size versions of the images can be found in the Sweden gallery of my website. I’m finishing off with this screenshot from my Juxtapose folder in PhotoScapeX that shows how many iterations creating these images can take!

Screenshot of the Juxtapose Folder

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