Three Juxtaposed Hogsback Landscapes

I was very pleased with the reception to the Juxtaposed Dalarna Landscapes posted previously and that’s inspired me to try something similar with the work in the Hogsback gallery I have already published.

Hogsback Juxtaposed: SuperMoon Rising

In the Dalarna landscapes there’s lots of potential to juxtapose images on top of the reflections of the sky on a lake’s surface. That’s not the case in Hogsback as there aren’t any big expanses of water but, as you can see here, there are opportunities to use either the night sky or mist and cloud to blend images together.

Montage juxtaposing star trails rising over the Hogs and rain falling over Winding Lane. Images taken from the same place.
Hogsback Juxtaposed: Raining Down Night and Day

The nice thing about the Raining Down juxtaposition is that the night and day images were both shot from the same place: Wild Fox Hill. It’s a bit of a misnomer because the star trails are actually going upwards! For the St Patrick on the Hill juxtaposition I built the montage from two shots taken on the same misty morning when I’d walked up Winding Lane to the chapel. I also blended in a misty forest edge to give the impression that the pine trees are part of the structure of the walls.

Hogsback Juxtaposed: St Patrick on the Hill, Winding Lane and Plantation Forest

It’s quite a process finding the right images to juxtapose together but I’m happy with these two sets of three images. Maybe there will be more!

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  1. Exquisite results, Roddy. Congratulations. I saw your Plant Wave come in earlier but had no time to read it so look forward to that now that the deadline has come and gone for now! I read somewhere that mycelia and mushrooms are particularly chatty! Love, Sandyxxx

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