Bikes everywhere: Linköping University Valla campus

When you walk up the rise and on to Valla campus your first impression is bikes, bikes and more bikes.  There must be several thousand on the campus and they congregate outside Kårallen (the student’s centre).  What a difference to Rhodes University where there are maybe a hundred or so – and how this must benefit the health of the students and the environment.  Making the environment a part of everyone’s education at Linköping University has been in the campus news recently. Also the University’s goals to reduce energy use, paper use, short haul flights ….

Every LiU car will run on non-fossil fuels or electricity by 2015 at the latest, and there will be more bicycles for hire for use at work.

All makes makes you think a little about our own goals and priorities in South Africa.

The cyclists and the bikes make a lovely theme for this little photo essay …..

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