Valla Folkhögskola: snapshot

We have arrived at Linköping University on our latest Linnaeus-Palme exchange programme – collaborating with Tema Vatten (the Department of Water and Environmental Studies) – but more on that and LiU’s excellent international reputation in a later post.  Fortunately we came across a really nice place to stay right adjacent to the campus at Valla Folkhögskola.  So we are in a lovely semi-rural setting, our room looks straight out over the old farmlands, fields and and buildings.  The weather and light hasn’t been ideal for photography so I made a little text snapshot to go with these two pictures which were taken right outside my window.

Valla Högskola snapshot: 15.04.2013

There are 10 horses in the muddy paddock outside my window.  Their backs are covered in blue, brown or grey coats, they are picking over the mosses on a small rocky knoll which rises out of the mud.  Running in front of them are two red railed fences bracketing a well gritted gravel road.  Between the near fence and my window there is a line of bare fruit trees – perhaps cherries, without a single bud but dripping with rain drops.  I have opened the windows and doors to let some fresh air through.  It also lets in bird song: rooks cawing and finches chirping.  A blackbird hops and skips through the branches disturbing the rain.  Just out of sight is the large wet snow bank that was heaped up to clear the road.  It will be gone soon.

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