Post-Apartheid Apartheid: Canon Collins Scholars Conference Presentation by Luveshni Odayar

Luveshni Odayar is one of my Masters students. Her work is provocatively entitled Post-Apartheid Apartheid and she presented some of her preliminary findings at the Canon Collins Scholars Conference held in Cape Town recently. Here she is, front row left, pictured with some of the scholars attending the event. Her work asks whether the patterns of... Continue Reading →

Time Geography Days 2015

Things don't usually work out this like this but for once my teaching and research schedules have fitted together really neatly. This past week I've been busy with the IPPE 2015 students at University West introducing them to research principles and practices through recording their Time Geographical activities using Google Drive applications. Then on Thursday... Continue Reading →

World Water Week comes early to TEMA Environmental Change

On Wednesday this week we held our World Water Week seminar. It was the culminating activity in a three week course on water resource management in Africa: part of the Masters programme in Science for Sustainable Development at Linköping University.  We are teaching on the course as part of our Linnaeus-Palme exchange programme between the... Continue Reading →

African Water Futures Workshop: Linköping University 29 April

Our time at Linköping University is unfortunately drawing to a close.  We have just had a long weekend to celebrate Valborg but before then Kate and I held a Futures Studies session with our Sustainable Resources Masters students in Temahuset. It ended with the students workshopping Future Scenarios for Water Use in Africa. The four... Continue Reading →

The Four Traditions of Geography at Rhodes

We have our largest ever number of postgraduates in the Geography Department this year - 42 at latest count - and last Monday I welcomed them with a brief resume about the traditions of the Department. The photo above shows four Geographers that personify the four traditions. They are celebrating Prof. Vernon Forbes’ honorary D.Litt at the 1989... Continue Reading →

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