SISU-EDU workshop in Turku

We had our latest meeting for the SANORD funded SISU-EDU project at the University of Turku this week.

The aim of the Sustainability Education in Southern Africa project is to build an open access education simulation.  We met our colleagues from Finland Futures Research Centre this week to workshop how to adapt their getalife simulation to suit the purposes of sustainable development. We also needed to: review the results of our questionnaires about sustainability education; develop the motivation for a workshop at the SANORD conference to be held in Namibia; write an abstract of a paper for presentation at the same conference and; strategise the way forward in terms of funding opportunities.  In other words there was a lot to do in a short space of time!

The weather was helpfully bleak – wet, cold, cloudy and windy – so workshopping indoors was easy. Johanna Ollila, Johanna Kärki  and Maria Hoysaa sat down with Kate and I to tackle the agenda we’d set ourselves and we made lots of good progress.  We’re intending to get funding to travel to the SANORD conference in Windhoek this December where we will be presenting our results so far.  Hope to see you there!


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