Featherstone Kloof Hike

Today was the day scheduled for my hike over into Featherstone Kloof. The weather forecast on Saturday said that Sunday would be 30-35 Centigrade so I got up early at 5.40 and was off by 7.00.  Unfortunately the forecast was wrong and as I trod slowly home at 12.00 it was 39!  Far too hot. Fortunately I had spent quite a lot of time in the riverine forest at the bottom of the Kloof.  Even so it was a 10km round trip with 200 metres up to the ridge and then 250 down into the Kloof repeated on the way home.  You can see this on the little map

I was really looking forward to seeing some of the veldt flowers after all of the rain we have been having.  So after a sorghum porridge breakfast I packed a snack lunch of cashew nuts, rice cakes, bananas and toffees with a vacuum flask of ice cold water and a bottle of fresh mixed juice. The hike over was straight forward though my camera began to misbehave and would only take black and whites at one point.  I reset it once I got down to the cool shady picnic spot by the small waterfalls in the forest.  Only too soon I could feel the hot air coming through the forest canopy so it was time to get off back up heartbreak hill and down into town.  Cold beer and a cool pool were beckoning and I had a good set of pictures to share.

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