My Sweden: Uddevalla

Uddevalla is where I live when I stay in Sweden, a former industrial town set in lovely natural surroundings. That is the mix I am trying to show in these two pictures.  The mid-October sunset is taken from above Skalbanksmuseet – the Shell Bed Museum – on the eastern side of town looking west over the city to the fjord and the silhouette of Uddevallabron.  It was a cold grey afternoon when I walked over there from Äsperöd but just towards sunset the sun dipped out of the clouds.  I had to run to get up the hill to catch the light.  My hands were shaking so much I had to lie down in the cold grass to get this shot.  By the time I got home I was in need of  a quick malt whisky which soon put me right. The second sunset was taken in early May looking north-west across Byfjord.  It was spectacular and a much easier picture.  I had  walked up to the viewpoint above Gustafberg and spent a happy half hour leaning against the tall rocks watching the light change.  I will post some more of the same sunset some time as it was one of the most beautiful I have ever seen.

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    1. Thanks Harry, I am pretty sure it was the Jura that my brother hadn’t managed to finish – so there’s the Yorkshire genes coming into play as well …..

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