Indian or Asian Population map: Grahamstown 2011

This is the last of the four maps based on data in the 2011 Population Census and it plots the dispersal of Grahamstown's small number of Indians or Asians (total 484). The distribution of Grahamstown's Indian or Asian population shows a wide spread through the former white areas.  Their group area was located two kilometres almost... Continue Reading →

White Population map: Grahamstown 2011

With 5657 people the white population was the third largest group in Grahamstown recorded in the 2011 Population Census.  The map of their distribution shows that the centre of gravity (weighted mean centre) lies approximately one kilometre north west of the Cathedral.  Most of the white population live in the northern suburbs and western side... Continue Reading →

Coloured Population map: Grahamstown 2011

The distribution of the coloured population (total 7615) is the second map in this series showing Grahamstown's racial distributions in 2011.  The main concentration is still immediately to the west of the townships, especially to the northern side of the urban area.  This isn't surprising as the coloured group area was located there: north of... Continue Reading →

Black African Population map: Grahamstown 2011

This is the first of a number of posts mapping racial data and shows Grahamstown's Black African population using information extracted from the 2011 Census. The most detailed geographical statistics from the Population Census consist of information for very small areas (the so called small area layer).  There are over 50,000 small areas in South... Continue Reading →

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