Room of Dreams: A Quick Tour

My landscape and nature photography are at this year’s National Arts Festival in an immersive 3D virtual exhibition hosted by It has four walls of dreams and each one has a different theme: the Lockdown Sunbirds; the King Proteas; the Cloud Abstracts and the Lockdown Landscapes. The images were selected from the fine art galleries I’ve produced through the two year Corona virus lockdown period and the themes evolved as we were allowed to move further and further afield. The title, and inspiration, come from a verse in my bedside copy of DR Streeter’s translation of the Tao te Ching:

Distant mountains

brilliant green

Within the house

a room of dreams

The artworks can be viewed full size from the virtual space and online orders are delivered globally from Loxley Printers, Scotland. I’ll be posting more about the virtual opening (and discounts) that’s planned but for now I’d just like to give you a quick peek into the Room of Dreams.

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