Taking Flight with @meagieswain

We’ve been planning this shoot on the beautiful hills above Featherstone Kloof for quite a while. @meagieswain told me that she has always wanted to do a tulle fabric shoot – completely wrapped in white – and I was keen to get some more images to promote our forthcoming virtual exhibition ‘Set Your Life on Fire’ on the Fringe at this year’s National Arts Festival. So last Friday evening we were exiting the Yellowwood forest on the Dassies Krantz track hoping to catch the beautiful sunset light that streams across the Oldenburgia Trees at that time of day. We were disappointed – the promised cold front had arrived with grey clouds and windy conditions. We stopped once or twice looking for a decent location and then Meagen pointed to a lone rock – dramatically poised above the valley – and with enough room for me to get a variety of compositions of her.

Meagen wove the fabric into the most dramatic arabesques as the wind swirled around. She was amazing to watch through the viewfinder. It was a really quick shoot and we had huddled into the hillside to shelter as soon possible. A quick look at the display screen on the back of the camera left us delighted by the results.

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