From the Ice Queen to the Mermaid’s Tail: three fantasy silhouettes

Sometimes my fantasy work just goes in all the right directions without me really knowing. In my last post I mentioned that Meagen had given me some great silhouettes to work with – she certainly did!

The Ice Queen fantasy artwork
The Ice Queen

I took her poses, masked out the background and it was then great fun to experiment overlaying the patterns and motifs I’ve been building up. Here she is as an Ice Queen. For this one I used snow flakes that I’d photographed on the car windscreen when we were skiing in Sweden.

The Butterfly's Wing fantasy artwork
The Butterfly’s Wing

This next one has an overlay of the Milky Way (taken above Hogsback). When I sent Meagen the picture she immediately saw that her hair gave the lovely shape of a Butterfly’s Wing.

The Mermaid's Tail fantasy artwork
The Mermaid’s Tail

I was intrigued by the curve her back makes and after a good deal of work I found the Mermaids Tail by superimposing two silhouettes back to back. There are around a dozen different overlays in this picture. Several on each silhouette and then more in the backdrop. When I composed the blue silhouette image Meagen told me she thought I’d turned her into a bioluminescent mermaid arriving in another galaxy. That’s what helped give me the inspiration.

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