Triptychs 2: the Figure in the Foreground

I was pleased with the stained glass effect and the repetition of the archway of trees in the triptych I posted earlier so next I experimented with blending together a different set of images.

Äsperöd Gnarly Triptych
Äsperöd Gnarly Triptych

The original inspiration is one of the Scots Pine trees on a rocky knoll at Äsperöd, Sweden.  I followed the same process as before, mirroring the central tree, enriching its colours and masking with an art filter before projecting it on to Natalie.

After I’d copied and flipped the projected image I merged the two of them together and, where the shadows overlapped, I superimposed the merged image over the earlier saturated, mirrored image. It sounds a little complicated but gives a richly coloured overlapping blend of foreground and background textures so you really feel there’s something other worldly in the scene.  I also made a mirror image of the triptych which would make a wonderful window!

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