Triptychs 1: Stained Glass

The visitors to my Portals exhibition gave me a lot of feedback and encouragement.  Some of the ideas really inspired me and so, whilst the Festival was quiet, I started working on this small series of triptychs.  I recently finished some of them and here’s a first look at what I’ve been doing with a description of how I produced it.

Gnarly Triptych
Gnarly Triptych

The centre panel’s a mirrored image of a beautiful bank of trees above the Coquet River in Northumberland.  I took the original photo looking down a steep slope to the gate – if you look carefully at the pictures you can just see the gray river.

On either side of the centre panel are images I took last year when Natalie and I did a photo shoot of tree images projected on to her back. I masked out the background image on the screen behind her with a black and white filter so that she stands clear of the backdrop.  I duplicated and then flipped one of the images so that she looks down into the centre image.

I really like the end result.  Her back curves to the shape of the trees and the repetition of shapes and colours give the triptych a stained glass feel.

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