Triptychs 3: Angel Wings

‘Angel Wings’ and ‘They look like something from William Blake’ were the first responses I got to these pictures. They’re a little different to the other triptychs because there’s no background image, the runic tree is compressed to run up Natalie’s spine.  It really does look like the wing of an angel. So I copied and then mirrored her image, superimposing them on top of the original runic tree to get this dramatic triptych.

Triptych Flame 1
Triptych Flame 1

Its was an easy step to duplicate the image and get some lovely flowing lines.

Triptych Flame 1 Double
Triptych Flame 1 Double

I then worked on a version that kept the original orange colour of the tree but it’s cropped and follows her silhouette. The result is another striking image.  I’m really looking forward to getting some trial prints done of these.

Triptych Flame 2


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