Portals Exhibition: National Arts Festival Fringe 2016

I’ll be presenting an exhibition of my photography – Portals – at this year’s National Arts Festival. There are six months to go before the Festival and I’m going to try and upload a picture more or less every week.
The exhibition shows how I use mirroring of imagery – usually nature photography – to find new perspectives of the world around us. The human brain is very adept at finding patterns and translating images and my pictures highlight the spiritual, intriguing, fantastical, meditative and striking depths of the world around us.
I’m starting with three pictures to illustrate this.
Natalie Eyes
The first one is the original image. Two eyes are peering straight at the camera through the naturally torn membrane of a large lily leaf. The green backlight and shadows make the picture a little mysterious – it’s hard to see who the person really is and what she is enigmatically gazing at.  The next two pictures are made from splitting the picture down her nose and duplicating each eye-half in turn. The duplicates are flipped over and joined to its mate.  So the next pictures are actually of two right eyes and two left eyes.  I’ve filtered the images using FX Studio PRO to get the striking textures and colours.
Natalie Metallica
It’s easy to see quite a different mood between the two images. The first one reminds me of a moulded metal face-plate.
Natalie Textured
The second one is far more aggressive, questioning, almost frightening.  I’ll be using the Natalie Metallica in the exhibition.
Model: Natalie Ellis

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