Return to Kenyatta University

The MyCOE/SERVIR fellows and mentors were taken on a tour of the main Kenyatta University  campus by Prof. Onywere (you can see him greeting Dean Shisanya in the picture taken outside the main administration building). Kate and I both lectured at Kenyatta University at the start of our careers (1979 to 1985) so for me it was nostalgic return back to KU.  In those days there were 1000 students, now they have 14 separate schools and 43,000 students!  Quite a transformation. We were introduced to the Deputy Vice Chancellor and many colleagues but for me the highlight was to walk around the campus and see how it has been transformed – like so many other things along the Thika Super Highway.  There are plenty of new showpieces nestling side by side with the old facilities I remember well, and lots of green space still maintained. Here’s a selection of pictures showing the new facilities and the impressive signs.

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