MyCOE/SERVIR East Africa: outreach seminar (Linköping University)

Last December's MyCOE/SERVIR fellowship workshop in Nairobi has already been the inspiration for new research work at Rhodes University that integrates geographical technologies with field-based research. Kate and I are presenting a seminar at Linköping University's TEMA-Vatten today (and at Northampton University next week) that looks at extreme weather events in the Sneeuberg Mountains of... Continue Reading →

MyCOE/SERVIR programme: ground truthing in the Drakensberg, South Africa

It is three months since Natalie and I returned from the MyCOE/SERVIR programme in Nairobi.  Since then Natalie has started the new academic year - her Honours year - and I have started six months sabbatical leave.  But we have been busy with the research programme: acquiring and analysing Landsat, SPOT and Ikonos data for... Continue Reading →

MyCOE/SERVIR: at the Regional Centre and on the Field Trip

It has been one week of intensive work since the cocktails posting .... so here are my pictures and some quick reflections.  Lots of lab work has been done at the Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development: remote sensing applications, GIS work, mentor presentations.  The day has started with the walk from ICIPE... Continue Reading →

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