Makana’s Kop from Sunnyside

Makana’s Kop dominates the skyline over the township when you are down in the bowl where Grahamstown lies.  There’s a prominent straggle of fir trees on its crown and the oldest townships of Fingo and Tantyi run down towards you as you look up to it from the city centre. This sunset picture’s taken from above city though, on the hillside next to PJ Olivier High School, so you look across the Belmont Valley to the Kop.  It’s nestling in the crook of the burnt tree stump with the Old Municipal location, Ndancame and Vukani sweeping down the valley to the right of the picture.  The last of the light is just catching the houses on the west facing slopes.  It’s there that the full moon rises.

A big fire swept through this area in the mid winter of 2014 and there are quite a few blackened stumps like this.   I’ve a picture of the same tree stump in this gallery which was taken at sunrise.  The trees on Makana’s Kop are clearly visible in the second picture.

There’s a nice selection of my Grahamstown pictures over at my online portal

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