Working with Symmetry

The past eight months of Kate’s cancer treatment have seen our lives turned upside-down.  Seemingly by chance I started a photo project – Symmetry – and it’s proved to be a therapeutic space where I can turn away from day-to-day concerns and focus my creativity on beauty and harmony.

Symmetry Slide 39

As I have been working I’ve shown a number of the photos to Kate, Helen and Jeannie and their responses have been very encouraging.  When I was at Warton Farm in July my sister-in-law Jeannie caught sight of some of them on my iPad (which her grandchildren were playing with).  She said I should think of an exhibition.  I’ve toyed with the idea ever since but last week I changed my mind and postponed that thought.  I had just sent 40 images to Sweden where my friend Janet Hall lives and this is what she said:

“I am gobsmacked by your pics……..truly I am. I was immediately thrown back into childhood and my love of and fascination for kaleidoscopes, I could peer endlessly down those tubes at the magical patterns that formed themselves. There is definitely a book there.”

Her last remark immediately struck a chord and so now I am busy finding out how Apple’s iStore and Amazon’s eBooks handle the distribution rights for electronic photo books.  I’ll shortly be working with new software in order to get the right ePub file, text and layout to deal with.  So from now on I’m going to be very happily engaged making an electronic photo book out of my images. I’ll be blogging some more about this I am sure.

Symmetry Slide 1

The two pictures are ones that I have worked with as potential title pages.

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