After the summer storm: Feb 1 2014

It’s been really hot this summer.  Today it was 37 degrees.  Our swimming pool has been getting lower with all the evaporation and swimming so after lunch I decided to fill it with some of the rain water from our new tanks …. there was also the thought that if I did use up our water it would encourage a storm to come and make filling the pool rather redundant!

I was right.  By 5 this afternoon a huge storm hit us with very strong gusty winds and torrential rain.  We had to mop up all the water that came in under the doors and through the leak in the hallway – I have never managed to locate where it creeps under the overlaps of our old zinc roof.

After the storm had passed we went out on to the stoep and were treated to the most lovely light and a double rainbow – exquisite!

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