Gamla Linköping (the old city)

On the other side of the paddocks outside our room, beyond the horses and the open air museum, is a stretch of woodland.  We’ve been meaning to go across for a while but waited for a sunny day to get out and explore.  On the other side of the woodland lies Gamla Linköping – the old tradesman’s quarter of town – which is like a living museum now.

It was a Thursday afternoon in April with Spring barely on the horizon which meant that it was really quiet, only a group of elderly people (not us!) being taken around on an excursion.  So it was easy to browse around the lovely shops, chat to the store owners and do some shopping.  We stayed away from the chocolate store though! It reminded us of the handicrafts museum in Turku (Finland) where we spent a happy morning at the end of our exchange programme with Finland Futures Research Centre.

The place was also really easy to photograph, even with my mobile phone!  Next Wednesday is the May Day holiday and we plan to go to the open air Symphony concert which is held in the main square of Gamla Linköping – let’s hope for more sunshine and a temperature of above 10 degrees.

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