The Eastern Cape’s population growth: animations 1996-2011

These animations clearly show the population increases (and some decreases) in the three population censuses of the post apartheid period.  I was just about to work all these data out manually when I came across Thomas Brinkhoff’s excellent City Populations website and discovered he had already collated comparable data for the Eastern Cape’s municipalities and metropoles.  All I had to do was type the data into the appropriate format and import into UUorld – the software that produces the 3D animations.

The animations loop through the data twice so you can get a decent look at what they show.  I really like the first one that looks eastwards along the axis of the province.  The north view is included to orient you.  The rise of Nelson Mandela Bay is very clear, it grew at 1.37% per annum from 2011 to 2011.  What is less obvious are the even higher rates of growth of Kouga (3.28%) and Kou Kamma (1.68%) – the two coastal municipalities immediately west of Nelson Mandela Bay.  All three grew at rates well above the province’s average of 0.44%.

If you want to use these videos please acknowledge this blog post as the source:

Roddy Fox 2012: The Eastern Cape’s population growth: animations 1996-2011. [Online] [04/12/2012]

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