The Yoga Teacher, the Blue Sea Moon and Ernst Haeckel’s Pitcher Plants

I wanted to make some yoga art with a difference and asked beautiful Cape Town based yoga teacher Shelby Kleynhans (@yogi_shelby) to send me some yoga pictures and ideas to work with. She told me that she had a special affinity for the moon, the sea and anything blue. So I masked out the background from one of her pictures, stood her on the ripples of a wave covered beach, framed her within a giant crescent moon and placed this all beneath the galaxy high above.


The Yoga Teacher and the Blue Sea Moon
The Yoga Teacher and the Blue Sea Moon

Later I was inspired to do some overlay work using Ernst Haeckel’s wonderful images: you’ve maybe already seen her as a mermaid stepping out of his illustrations for ferns and corals in my other post The Yoga Teacher, the Mermaid and Ernst Haeckel. This time I’ve placed her as a carefree mermaid strolling through a forest of carnivorous pitcher plants. They are clearly no threat to her!


Shelby strolls through Ernst Haeckel's Pitcher Plants
Shelby strolls through Ernst Haeckel’s Pitcher Plants

This is a new photographic direction for me to follow. Overlaying my own imagery and classic work to create new pictures with inspirational people like Shelby and Meagen. It is something that I want to do more of so if you are reading this and want to collaborate (either online or with a photoshoot) please get in touch

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