Turku textures

I took a short walk into town today, for lunch with my colleague Johanna at Turku’s Saluhallen.  A late morning in early October brought out plenty of interesting sights as I went down the street below Villa Hortus, then across the cathedral square and along the river bank. First I went past an abandoned dinner party and around the corner was a gold wrapped cane propped against the wall.

Summer is over
Gold cane

Standing in the middle of the cathedral square you have to wait for the shoals of cyclists and pedestrians to come through if you want a clear shot.

Turku textures

Then once you have crossed the Aurajoki and look back over the bridge you see that the cathedral poses so nicely amongst the trees.  The wall you are leaning against and the leaves underfoot are nice and warm so you are tempted to stay and take a whole lot of pictures that you will never use.

Tuomiokirkko across Aurajoki

But it’s time to get your gloves back on, fumble the lens cap into place with cold fingers and then head off for lunch. The Saluhallen now boasts at least half a dozen small eateries with plenty of choice from traditional soups, herring and mash through to sushi. I settled for three different tacos and salad: delicious!


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