FossLaug: Icelandic Hot Pot

It took us nearly a week of travelling before we got to a genuine rural hot pot: Fosslaug in Skagafjörður.  Our hosts at Sölvanes (Elin and Magnus) kindly gave us a map and description otherwise we would not have found it.

They told us that the hot pot was built using traditional materials of rock and sod to regulate the flow of hot water from the spring and cold water from the Svarta river.  It is quite unspoilt and ‘in nature’ so for us it was ideal.  You can sit in the hot water (it was 40 degrees +) with the wild river rushing past you and the falls pounding down only 50 metres away – quite an experience! There’s a great panoramic picture of the falls in my Iceland Landscapes.

Here’s a small set of pictures taken on my phone: you can see the hot water bubbling up and Kate enjoying a dip. There’s also a Google Earth picture (with coordinates) of our walk so if you’re ever in north-west Iceland you can find where we went!

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