Trees – a picture and two poems

We will be missing two Poetry at Reddits occasions whilst we are away in Sweden: my contributions are here though.  There are two of WS Merwin’s poems and one of my pictures of Hogback’s trees.  All inspired by Beth Moon’s special book Ancient Trees: Portraits of Time – thank you Kate for the wonderful gift.

Twining Trees at Hogsback


I am looking at trees

they may be one of the things I will miss

most from the earth

though many of the ones I have seen

already I cannot remember

and though I seldom embrace the ones I see

and have never been able to speak

with one

I listen to them tenderly

their names have never touched them

they have stood round my sleep

and when it was forbidden to climb them

they have carried me in their branches


The picture I’ve chosen also reminds me of another of his poems, I think because of the way the trees twine around each other.



Your absence has gone through me

Like thread through a needle.

Everything I do is stitched with its color.


Looking forward to our next Reddits in October!

The trees of Omberg

Do trees have personality? You bet, especially somewhere like Omberg ecopark.  Åsa and Lasse kindly took us to the shores of Lake Vattern yesterday for some sight seeing and a picnic.  The flowers were an absolute treat at Vadstena where we visited the Lustgården (Hortus Paradisus) in the abbey grounds.  Then we were met by millions of wild flowers at Omberg: especially blue, white and even pink wood anemones.

Lots of pictures were taken of the flowers but it was the trees that revealed their presence.