Six of the best: Sweden September 2013

A new compact camera was waiting for me at Willy’s post office in Uddevalla last month. It’s the Pentax WG-3 GPS that I took around with me.  Here are six of my better efforts with the new technology:

  • A sunset from the cliffs above Äsperöd where our apartment is;
  • Black and white leaves and a petal dripping in mist from the Botanic Gardens in Göteborg;
  • The harbour at Strömstad;
  • A snail at Trädgårdsföreningen in Göteborg;
  • A toadstool rising through the earth on the footpath from Dalgången to Tureborg.

One real bonus is that I don’t have to cart around my big heavy Pentax K-5 and so I managed (just) a business trip for four weeks carrying only hand luggage.