When the wave breaks

Towering over our townships, like a wave ready to break, was this huge cumulus cloud. Ominously pink in the late glow after sunset the top of the cloud was rising fast and, blown by the winds, looked like a crest hovering over Grahamstown’s townships below. This was taken a couple of nights ago, a week after the lockdown began, and mirrors my feelings of apprehension.

Cumulus clouds breaking over Makhanda's (Grahamstown) townships during the Corona virus lockdown

When the wave breaks

Technically this was a tricky photo to take. It uses the Olympus’ Live Composite mode – in this case it’s seven minutes worth of half-a second exposures superimposed (a total of 840 frames).  But it was really quite dark at 6:40 pm so I adjusted the ISO to 1000 and opened the lens up as far as possible to F2.8. The bright white lines in the sky are star trails. The moon was playing hide and seek in the clouds whilst I took the picture and that gave an unpleasant bright smudge in the sky that I have edited out.

Stormy Sunset over Grahamstown

This last two weeks have been extremely wet in Grahamstown which has led to the main road from Port Elizabeth collapsing completely.  There are some great pictures here in Grocott’s Mail. On Thursday, after 10 days of rain, we got a day of warmth and sunshine which led to the most spectacular and menacing storm clouds building up towards sunset. So I dashed out from home and up to the hills above the bypass with my camera.  By 6.30 the sun was dipping behind whole formations of cumulo-nimbus and I took lots of pictures. Many are probably too dark for posting but here’s a selection.