MyCOE/SERVIR: at the Regional Centre and on the Field Trip

It has been one week of intensive work since the cocktails posting …. so here are my pictures and some quick reflections.  Lots of lab work has been done at the Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development: remote sensing applications, GIS work, mentor presentations.  The day has started with the walk from ICIPE (the Duduville Guest House) through the dust of Kasarani in the morning, then work all morning, walk back through the dust for lunch and then repeat for the afternoon, evening, the next day and so on ….the first few pictures show some of that.  Of course there has also been the chance for the occasional beer later. Then yesterday we were up early for our field excursion to Mt Kenya to see the tree planting activities and Green Belt Movement communities in action.  Things got a little delayed at the start and then of course we arrived just after the rain made the last few kilometres impassable.  So we walked and were ferried up to Gathiuru,  This meant that we arrived very late in Tumutumu (lunch came at 6pm) but we were rewarded with a brief and fascinating glimpse of the sustainability activities in the heart of the highlands.  Then it was the long drive home through the traffic to Nairobi.

MyCOE/SERVIR programme opening cocktails

Last night we had a small cocktail event on the lawns of the RCMRD centre, Nairobi.  It had been a long, but very interesting, opening day listening to each of the students in the MyCOE/SERVIR programme for East Africa presenting their research proposals. Here are a few pictures from my phone of new colleagues relaxing as the sun went down – I am getting this post up as we start today’s sessions ….