The Frowl in the Grass: Strange Creatures in Nature 2

We were back at Ganora Farm last week updating our research in the Karoo and came across this strange creature.  We had taken a short walk above the cottages to get some cellphone signal and stretch our legs after a morning of desk top work and came across a pair of oddly matched eyes peering up out of the grass.  I thought ‘he is an owl’ but Kate took one look at the photo and said ‘looks more like a frog’.  So let’s settle on a frowl.


Strange creatures in Nature: Pareidolia

I guess most of us have a few of these pictures.  The ones where you are taking a picture of a rock on Kompassberg mountain and you see an eye in it, or the face of a baboon on a rock in the Botanic Gardens, Göteborg.

Old trees are particularly good, I have a creature from a tree on Bassholmen island in Sweden and another from deep in the Baviaanskloof South Africa.

And then there is the  owl peering at you from the trees at Trädgårdsföreningen, Göteborg and the man in the tree on Koster Island.

What better way to finish than with the face in the foot, again from the Baviaanskloof, or the ghoulish eyes in the roadside tree at Tunis.