Iceland panoramas

iceland Panoramas
Iceland has such a big dramatic landscape that you struggle to fit it into a regular sized photograph.  I tried a number of panoramic shots when we were there in the summer of 2013 and I’ve recently come across them again whilst reorganising my photo files – so I’ve done some touching up on them.  My camera doesn’t have a fancy piece of software to make a panorama so these are all made from separate, overlapping, frames stitched together using DoubleTake.  It wasn’t a sunny road trip and it was very windy sometimes so these shots were snatched whenever it was possible.  The top image in the composite is looking north at 11pm watching the sun dipping slowly towards the horizon.  We were up in North-West Iceland at Skagafjörður.  The middle image is the view of Borgarnes just as you enter the town from the west.  The bottom image shows clouds peeling off the icecap at Snæfellsþjökull.

Lenticular clouds above þjðrsa river

On our first drive out east from Reykjavik it was so windy I had to hang on to a fence to stay still enough for the five images in this panorama.  The winds blowing of the Atlantic produced these spectacular lenticular clouds forming in the lee of the Vatnajökull ice cap.

Midwinter sunset: red sky at night = festinos delight?

I went out to take pictures of the large full moon rising tonight – no success with those – but there was a spectacular sunset to soak up.  Grahamstown seems to specialise in midwinter sunsets but you have to be quick as the play of light alters very rapidly.  These two pictures were taken only a few minutes apart and the change in the depth of the colours was something to experience.

Those of you who know Grahamstown will recognise the blocky shape of the Settlers Monument on the skyline to the left – and next week sees the start of the National Arts Festival.

Red sky at night = festinos* delight??

* a festino is a festival goer …