iPhoneography is what happens when, for some silly reason, I haven’t bothered to take a camera out with me.  Then, of course, I immediately see a composition I want to photograph and have to rely on my phone to do the job.  Here’s five pictures from the past few months taken in this way.  The first is a mid-winter self portrait of my shadow with bike: it’s taken by the toposcope on Mountain Drive.  The second is a picture of the cathedral in Turku, Finland that I grabbed one cold May evening.  The third is shot from the little bridge in the Botanic Gardens on my way to work: I often stop to admire this patch of jungle.  The fourth is dark, it’s an after sunset shot of Grahamstown that really stretches the capability of the camera.  The last one uses the panorama function to capture the big landscape that we live in: it’s taken looking west into the sunset along Mountain Drive.


Iceland: two northern panoramas

On Friday we drove up to north-west Iceland through beautiful sunshine to stay at a lovely hill farm called Sölvanes. It is located high up in a valley with an expansive outlook to the north down Svartadalur and direct to the Arctic.

Here’s a couple of panoramas: the first one taken driving up to the north coast in the most lovely sunshine we have had in our whole time in Iceland. The second shows our local large waterfall: Reykjafoss. We walked past it on the way to the Foss Laug which is the local ‘hot pot’ for bathing.  This weblink on Icelandic Hot Pots would classify it as rustic or near natural …

I used DoubleTake to stitch together the seven to nine individual images for each picture.