Extreme Weather Events in the Sneeuberg Mountains, Karoo – second seminar at Northampton University

Sabbatical leave: just what do you do?  Why are you giving the same research seminar twice?

Last weekend we were in Stockholm meeting up with Madeleine Castenvik-Holt and over drinks we found ourselves explaining what leave is for.  Providing, we hope, answers to these two questions and then going on to enjoy a lovely meal at the Pelikan Bar together with her husband Magnus.

The Linköping seminars helped us to see more clearly what our research was showing and, consequently, I spent two more days accessing, analysing and integrating additional information.  As a result the seminar we are giving tomorrow at Northampton University is a little different with some changes to the graphics and conclusions.  Maybe we will change it further still ….

Extreme weather events in the Sneeuberg Mountains, Karoo, South Africa: a case study of the floods of February 9th & 12th, 2011

Kompassberg 04