The Yoga Teacher, the Mermaid and Ernst Haeckel

The long lockdown has sent me in some new artistic and photographic directions. Here’s a great example. I wanted to make some yoga art with the beautiful Cape Town based yoga teacher Shelby Kleynhans (@yogi_shelby) and asked her to send me some yoga pictures to work with. These I will show you in my next post … because she also sent me some shots where she is a mermaid walking along the beach in Mozambique. That’s where Ernst Haeckel enters our story. I’ve admired his scientific artworks for a long time. They inspired the Art Deco movement and have beautiful rich organic shapes. You can see some of his classic illustrations in Kunstformen der NaturI was inspired to mask out the Indian Ocean background from Shelby’s mermaid picture and replaced it with a couple of whole page illustrations from Haeckel’s works. She looks like she’s stepping out of the pages – I think it’s a lovely effect!

The mermaid in Haeckel's Ferns (Filicinae)

The mermaid in Haeckel’s Ferns (Filicinae)

The mermaid in Haeckel's Corals (Hexacoralla)

The mermaid in Haeckel’s Corals (Hexacoralla)

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