Post-Apartheid Apartheid: Canon Collins Scholars Conference Presentation by Luveshni Odayar

Luveshni Odayar is one of my Masters students. Her work is provocatively entitled Post-Apartheid Apartheid and she presented some of her preliminary findings at the Canon Collins Scholars Conference held in Cape Town recently.

CCELAT 2015 Scholars' Conference Invitation_Theories of Change

Here she is, front row left, pictured with some of the scholars attending the event.

Canon Collins Pic

Her work asks whether the patterns of extreme segregation in Port Elizabeth have changed over the 20 years of the democratic era.  She’s found that there has been a slow and continuous decrease but the city is still highly segregated.  The African and White populations are the most segregated from each other as they lie at opposite ends of income, employment and education levels.  Here’s her presentation.

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