Walking in the spring sunshine: Sörmland with Jan and Janet.

We were very lucky: last weekend was sunny.  Jan and Janet hosted us for a country weekend at Hundby (near Gnesta in Sörmland) where there are lovely walks to be had, photos to be taken and excellent hospitality.  We got out for four good walks in our two days: including Sunday morning at 5.30 for the fresh early morning frost (it was minus 5 …..) with a flask of hot coffee.  The birds were making lots of noise all weekend. Swans, geese, cranes, and skylarks were all telling you it was Spring though there were only a few flowers (scylla, snowdrops) and hardly any buds on the trees.

So we spent most of the weekend chatting outside as we strolled through the rolling farmland, forest and lakes. The ice was only just breaking up as you can see and there were plenty of snow patches around.  We even got to see the northern stars ….