My Sweden

I suspect this is going to be be the first of a number of posts on this theme …. these four pictures really are My Sweden:

  • The Falun red paint at sunset on the barn at Äsperöd;
  • The 3 am dawn light over the fjord;
  • The Swedish flags snapping in the cold autumn winds;
  • And, of course, a taste of snaps out in the forest at sunset.

Misty mornings on the fjord: Gustafsberg

I walked past here three weeks ago on a long day’s hike with my brother.  It is a couple of years since I stayed in the tiny cottage beyond the headland at Gustafsberg, above the small boat harbour at Lindesnäs. I used to wake up early in the morning and you could hear the weather.  Some mornings it was the snapping and ringing of the rigging on the masts of the many boats below.  Other times it was so still and quiet you could hear the rumble of falling rocks as they uploaded boats with pink granite direct from the quarry on the far side of the fjord.  These two pictures are my favourites, taken when it was still and full of autumn mists, just a gentle easterly breeze bringing cold air over the warm waters.