King Proteas – four studies

There are some King Proteas blossoming on Mountain Drive at the moment. Though they are not as many as last year – when they seemed to go on flowering for a very long time. As Spring gets nearer the days are getting a little longer so there’s just a bit more time to photograph them. Sunset’s a great time for this. I wanted to make a few studies showing them in different light and these four pictures are what I have got. They were all taken in the early evening – often straight into the light so a lens hood was essential!

When they are fully open you can get the most beautiful pink shades as the sunlight streams through them. Some, however, are almost bleached in colour and the tightly furled buds can also reveal very delicate shades of pink.



Back to Featherstone Kloof for the flowers

We went back to Featherstone Kloof yesterday to see the King Proteas and all the other winter flowers.  We have had a warm sunny spell lately and so lots of flowers are blossoming in the grasslands and fynbos.  It was a real mix.  There’s this year’s Proteas with the most amazing coral pink shades, the winter leaves fallen in the forest, and last year’s Protea and Oldenburgia flowers all dried up and shrivelled into intricate patterns.  The strong warm wind made for pleasant walking but it made the photography tricky.