Symmetry in Nature: Published

It’s been a bit of a journey this past few weeks but today I’ve seen the end result and it’s a great feeling.

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 5.25.58 PM


You get a full preview of Symmetry in Nature in blurb’s online bookstore where you can purchase a hard copy or pdf version. The pdf file is for download and it’s quite large: over 300MB. Thanks to blurb’s software I have also coverted the book into an ebook (that’s the iPad iBooks format) which is free and a much smaller download at less than 30MB. Click the picture below for the direct link.

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 5.40.25 PM

Looking back over the past year I can see that working on the imagery and then producing the book has been a fruitful and enriching experience. A process that has set me on a new creative direction at a difficult time.  I’d like to thank my family and friends for all of their encouragement and appreciation.


Symmetry in Nature: Preview

It’s a couple of months since I posted about the book project. There’s been plenty to work on: finding the right online publisher, deciding on the layout, selecting and reworking images, tracking down picture details, drawing the maps and then composing the book. Here is a preview of the covers: you are looking at the book opened out and face down so the back cover is to the left of the spine.

Symmetry in Nature: Covers

After a bit of research I chose blurb to work with as they publish a lot of photo books and their BookSmart software is free. They also give the option to convert your book into an eBook for publication in Apple’s iBook store. Which is something I will be doing very shortly. My book has a large square format since the images don’t come in standard sizes..  That’s meant laying out each page separately with an image and the original picture I worked from plus a short caption.  Here are two pairs of pages from the Mosses and Lichens and Trees sections.

Symmetry in Nature: Mosses and Lichens


Symmetry in Nature: Trees

I realised that I am not the first person to construct striking and evocative imagery through mirroring and duplicating.  What I have done in the book, though, is to add value to the pictures so that it is much more than just a set of lovely and intriguing images.  The book is divided into seven sections depending on the aspect of nature involved. Then I have added a brief description for each picture and included one or two small photographs of people and places.  Here is a two page spread from the Leaves section.

Symmetry in Nature: Leaves

At the end of the book I composed two pages of typical South African and Swedish landscapes so that the reader gets a better appreciation of the places where the pictures were taken.  Each page has a location map, list of where the pictures were taken, a panorama and four typical landscapes.

Symmetry in Nature: Landscapes

The book ends with a page showing how I constructed the images and there’s a complete listing of the technical details of all of the photographs.  It’ll be 54 pages in all. I am just waiting for ISBN numbers to be issued for the hard copy and eBook then it’ll be uploaded and published!