A little photo fun with the Rhodes International Award

They gave me a great big glass award at the end of last year for internationalisation.  I won’t bore you with what internationalisation is: you can read about it in the University website.  The award is quite something to behold though – an engraved glass world atop a glass column  – and before it gets into a display cabinet I thought it would be fun to see if I could get an arty photo of it.  The glass globe on the top would give a neat reverse image if you looked through it and the column could be used to mirror the Rhodes University clock tower.  So I took a quick picture in the office and then went down into Quad 1 (by the fountain) for a first try of capturing the clock tower upside down.  Then it was out to the front steps and a last couple of pictures looking up to the tower.

Here’s a little gallery of the results.  I like the last one best.