A short walk on the Northumberland coastal path

My last post had two pictures taken when we were walking a short portion of the Northumberland coastal path.  Now I’m back home in South Africa I realise that I should have included some pictures of the coast and the path itself. So here’s some typical coastal scenery of the stretch of path between Boulmer and Howick scar. You walk past a number of pretty little bays such as this one where the Whitefin Spring flows into the sea.  There’s a natural spring that bubbles right out of the rocks on the far side of the footbridge.

Whitefin SpringFurther north along the path there are dramatic castles such as Bamburg that look like something out of Game of Thrones.  We didn’t see anything as spectacular but this lonely house near Howick lies right on the shore.  There’s a good stone wall between the house and the sea but it must have plenty thick walls to withstand the winter storms as it is very exposed. Kate says that as a child she always fancied living there – she’s not so sure now she’s older!

HowickThe path itself is attractive because it winds along with the sea on one side and some lovely farmland on the other.  Here’s a portion of it.  You can make out the sea on the left hand horizon with the fresh green fields on the other side of the fence completing the scene.

Northumberland Coastal Path

The sky was getting dramatic when we walked approached the end of our walk at Boulmer.  The raked patterns in this field definitely caught my eye and the fence post lying on top of the stone wall drew me into this last picture.

Farm outside Boulmer