Echo of the Scream

Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream’ is one of the world’s most easily remembered works of expressionist art. Imagine my surprise to see echoes of the painting in the scum below the bridge in Grahamstown’s Botanic Gardens.

Echo one: I was on a bridge.

Echo two: there was a distorted shape in the watery scum.

Echo three: the swirls and colours were eerily reminiscent of the originals, especially after I brought out the contrast using iPhoto.

I had decided to take my camera into work with me that day because it was so beautifully clear after all the rain (100mm in 24 hours) – and I ended up looking down into a dirty stream.

Scream Echo


I think my scream looks more like a water swept lion than a tortured man holding his head though …


The Scream


Two webs, a bug and a special lady

Fieldwork with Kate in the Karoo usually involves lots of walking in hot dusty and scratchy places.  Last week’s trip to Ganora was no exception.  On the way to collect data from various instruments and gadgets you find yourself dodging spiders webs and finding the most exquisitely coloured insects.  They are the inhabitants of the sand gullies where Kate has been monitoring erosion for some time now.

So here they are: two webs, a bug and the lady herself!


Night skies: Compassberg and Ganora Farm

We’re just back from three crystal clear days and nights in the Karoo.  Excellent conditions for taking photos at night.  The first picture is a long lens shot of Compassberg taken from Ganora Farm which must be about 10 kilometres from the mountain as the crow flies.  It was just after sunset with a thin moon lighting up the mist high on the mountain.  The exposure time was around five minutes.

RFOX7844 - Version 2

The second picture was taken the following night and quite a bit after the sun had gone at around 9pm. There was a crescent moon again that was lighting the prickly pears in the foreground and the mountains behind.  This time I exposed the picture for around an hour.

RFOX7860 - Version 2