Xaga Island Double Sunset

Two of my favourite pictures from our midwinter safari to Namibia and Botswana were of the same sunset.  We were camping out in the Okavango panhandle on Xaga Island and had gone out for a beautiful sunset walk.  As the sun dropped rapidly down I took pictures looking west and then east – catching both the sunset colours and the beautiful violet light in the belt of Venus.

I’ve fitted the two pictures together and then mirrored them in this image.

Xaga Double Sunset Small


Indian Summer: trip to Shelley Beach

It’s a holiday weekend and our long summer continues with some very hot weather.  Kate and I invited Luke to Shelley Beach at Kenton on Sea to escape to some cooler conditions.  After the long trudge up over the dunes (carrying Luke …) we saw there was hardly anyone there – as usual.  We had a great time relaxing in some big waves, shepherding Luke over the rocks and pools and eating a nice picnic in the shade of the big cliffs.  We drove back into some serious heat, 38 according to the Rhodes weather station, and we were teated to seeing an elephant from the main road to Grahamstown. He was at Kariega’s waterhole just after you leave Kenton.  When we got back our swimming pool was only  24 degrees so we got straight back into the water!

Here’s a few pictures capturing the spirit of a lovely day out.

Kenyatta University spreads its wings

Kenyatta University now has c43,000 students, when we left in 1985 there were about 1500!  It’s changed remarkably in recent times as I saw when I went back to KU in January to discuss an exchange agreement.

Some of the changes are related to Kenya’s aggressive National Vision 2030 which is aims to take the country to rapid growth and (hopefully) development.  So there are major new highways, new ports, pipelines etc  being built.  KU, for example, is located right on the new 10 lane Thika Super Highway.  Some of the KU buildings in these photos are also part of the project.  I just hope that as it spreads its wings the University doesn’t fly to close to the sun ….

Here’s a selection of the old and the new at KU.  They should bring back memories to old alumni and surprise many with the rapid pace of recent changes.