No need to travel 2 ….

At this time of year I make the 15 minute walk to my First Year classes at dawn and usually don’t get back until just after sunset. So I get to see some lovely buildings and vegetation whilst the light is at its best.  There’s no time for my big camera but the lens on my phone’s camera isn’t bad for capturing some subjects. As you can see ….. there really is no need to travel far.

Two haiku: for summer and winter

It’s been one of the warmest, sunniest winter Julys that I can remember in the Eastern Cape.  Which perhaps inspired these two haiku:

Hail stones on a hot zinc roof

The young lovers kiss

Summer storm


On the bay window of old mens’ smiles

A woodpecker taps

Winter sun

Maybe one day I’ll come up with Spring and Autumn to make the whole cycle?