The Round of Featherstone Kloof

This is our favourite weekend walk.  Direct from the front door is a 14 km hike that starts by crossing the Grahamstown bypass and then goes up over the grasslands of Mountain Drive before dropping down ‘heartbreak hill’ and into Featherstone Kloof . Then it’s along the valley, across the stream, through some woodland and bush before the steep haul up the other side and back into the grassland and fresh flowers.

Last Sunday we walked through a very large patch of burned veld from the bush fires a week or two earlier.  There were plenty of new flowers coming through and we saw sugar birds on the King Proteas – which is a bit unusual.  It’s always a bit of a slog back up and over Mountain Drive but the thought of a cold Windhoek in the fridge at home can, just possibly, urge you on.

My verdict: a good round on a sunny winter’s day.

5 thoughts on “The Round of Featherstone Kloof

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