Family gathering at Warton Farm

Sunshine, blue skies and a holiday weekend meant that we all enjoyed a great time on Sunday having a big family get together around the fire at Warton.  I even managed to get out and about after a rough few days with food poisoning. Thanks very much to everyone involved for the wonderful food and drinks and to Jeannie and Michael for being such splendid hosts.

Here are the pictures from my mobile phone.

Misty Coquetdale: Lady’s Well, Cragside and Windy Gyle

Coquetdale is rich in history, ancient and modern, and has lots of natural splendour: all of which we have experienced this last three days with Jeannie.  It has been rather misty, damp and decidedly cool at times but we have had excellent walks nevertheless: at Lady’s Well (with Jackie, Angus and Izzie … plus dogs), Cragside and Windy Gyle.

Here’s a gallery of pictures: see what we met in the woods …

Two days in the Yorkshire Dales

The Yorkshire Dales are one of the loveliest, special places in the world.  A great place with some of the best people ever. We had a couple of days there on our way up to Northumberland and managed to get two walks on to the fells – pretty good going as there was lots of rain, strong winds and bursts of sun.

We were staying in Bondcroft Farm which is just outside Skipton up above the small village of Eastby.  It is a long steep walk up to the farm after a couple of beers at the Elm Tree down in Embsay. On the other hand, it meant we were very close the Embsay Crag so when the weather permitted we only had a short walk to get there and managed to get some nice pictures.

The next day we drove along to Ingleton for the Waterfalls Walk. It goes up one limestone and slate valley, across the fell and then down the next.  It was raining as we set out but soon cleared so there’s lots of sunshine on the bright green grass in the pictures.

I couldn’t resist taking pictures of the three signs …

Bluebell Woods: Badby

Spring in England means beautiful walks through fresh green fields, along woodland paths between hedgerows rich with blossoms and flowers. Last weekend didn’t disappoint. Richard and Angela took us out to Badby woods and along the Nene Valley in rural Northamptonshire.

Bradby is a hidden part of the Cotswolds where the old woods are absolutely full of bluebells at this time of the year.  We had a walk through the overcast and occasional rain (it is Spring!).  Beech trees, sycamore, oaks and Scots pine shade thousands and thousands of flowers.  A fine place for foxes to be out wandering. Then plenty of time for us to enjoy a quiet beer in a village pub before driving home …

My camera phone has done the countryside some justice, I think. It was rather tricky light and a very basic camera so don’t expect a sharp image if you try and enlarge them.

Luke at play: sunny days

I doubt that I will ever take a better set of pictures of Luke in such a small space of time: first in the pool and then on the stoep with the rocking horse. It was in early March on a lovely hot day.

Thanks to Jeannie, who has asked before, and Julia Possener (who said yesterday she wants to see more of Luke) for getting me to post them.  If anyone wants a full size image (2 to 3 mb) just let me know.