The footbridge at Lindesnäs

For three years I came to Sweden in spring and autumn and stayed in a tiny guest cottage at Lindesnäs.  It was beautifully situated up on the hillside above the fjord right against the mountain side with lovely views down to the guest harbour at Lindesnäs.  You can probably appreciate how nice it was from the map and the two pictures of the cottage.  The first picture was taken as you emerge (in my case carrying my bicycle) at the top of the rocky steps up to the garden shared with the owners of the large villa.  The second one is a long exposure taken one night with the cottage to the right and main house to the left.  You can tell how steep the hill was by the distortion in the shot. The harbour below was always photogenic, especially at sunrise and sunset, and I was taken by the footbridge which became the subject of the rest of the pictures.  The first is a zoom shot from the door of the cottage down through the trees.  People tell me it looks Japanese.  The others were taken either with the sun on the bridge (dawn pictures) or behind the bridge (sunset pictures).


It is late summer in Sweden, or perhaps early autumn is a better description, the trees are just beginning to change colour and it is the time when there should be plenty of mushrooms. But there aren’t many of them this year.

My friends tell me that they came out early with the summer being so cool and wet. Most of them have been picked already or eaten by the local wildlife.  There were some outside the mushroom exhibition at the Botanic Gardens in Gothenburg.  That’s the first picture in the gallery.  The rest of the pictures were taken in the forests around Uddevalla and Västra Götaland this past couple of years.  The red ones are dödlig giftig – deadly poisonous according to the exhibition!

Strange creatures in Nature: Pareidolia

I guess most of us have a few of these pictures.  The ones where you are taking a picture of a rock on Kompassberg mountain and you see an eye in it, or the face of a baboon on a rock in the Botanic Gardens, Göteborg.

Old trees are particularly good, I have a creature from a tree on Bassholmen island in Sweden and another from deep in the Baviaanskloof South Africa.

And then there is the  owl peering at you from the trees at Trädgårdsföreningen, Göteborg and the man in the tree on Koster Island.

What better way to finish than with the face in the foot, again from the Baviaanskloof, or the ghoulish eyes in the roadside tree at Tunis.